Lubrication Systems

We also offer lubrication systems for linear guides and ball screw drives as well as for open gears and chain drives of all types and sizes.
We will put together for you, with no obligation, a lubrication plan tailored to the relevant parameters and will determine the exact individual lubrication requirements of the individual lubrication points. By collaborating closely with you, we will put together an appropriate lubrication plan. Subsequent modifications or changes are not a problem.

PU lubrication pinions (PU lubrication spur gears) – ideal for relubricating open gearing

The lubrication spur gears available (straight or helical) consist of open-cell polyurethane foam and are ideal for relubricating all types and sizes of open gears. They store lubricant and dispense it evenly to the rack or pinion during rotation, soaking up any excess lubricant if necessary. Via a hollow shaft, the PU lubrication pinion, which does not transmit or absorb any torque, is supplied with lubricant from the lubricator; due to the contact between the gearing or drive pinion and the lubrication gear, the lubricant is delivered to the lubrication point in a precise and efficient manner.
In conjunction with the automatic lubricant dispensers, e.g. the FlexxPump 400 DLS, which conveys the lubricant under pulse control (PLC), we always proceed according to the method of minimum quantity lubrication: we reliably and consistently avoid the over- or under-supplying of lubrication points. This not only helps conserve lubricant, but also contributes considerably to keeping the systems clean. These special lubricated pinions have a long service life: even after prolonged contact with the lubricant, they do not become hard, but remain elastic and therefore do not have to be replaced.
We would also be happy to advise you personally on a suitable lubrication solution for your application.