Precision-turned parts and drive shafts

Our high-quality precision-turned parts and drive shafts prove how reliable they are on an everyday basis.

Whether CNC turning (up to 1000 mm) and milling (up to 1200 mm) or complex precision parts for a wide variety of application conditions and your specific requirements – we will be happy to assist you with all our manufacturing expertise, our machinery and our employees’ excellent know-how.

On our production lines and through flexible capacity adjustments, we can respond to your wishes at short notice and also realise production in a short time. As part of developing your products, we will be happy to produce samples and prototypes for you – we’ll start with series production immediately after your approval. Our own hardening shop enables us to provide heat treatment that is optimally matched to precision-turned parts and shafts.

Workpiece tests and 3D coordinate measurements (length, diameter, radii) are – just as roughness measurements and flux testing are – mandatory aspects of our quality assurance, as well as statistical process control in the production lines.