Spur gears

Manufacture of spur gears in a wide variety and as custom-made products.

Spur gear externally toothed

  • Module 0.5 – 10 and graduation in inches
  • Straight and helical gearing up to Ø 400 mm and tooth width 200 mm
  • Flank ground to Ø 400 mm and tooth width 260 mm
  • Smallest grinding wheel Ø 260 mm
  • Gearing quality: milled according to DIN 8, ground according to DIN 5

Gear rims internally toothed

  • Module 0.5 – 5 and graduation in inches
  • Up to Ø 300 mm and tooth width 100 mm
  • Rotary diameter up to 400 mm
  • Gearing quality: according to DIN 8

Material, hardening or surface coating according to your requirements.                                                                                              In addition to the aforementioned production possibilities for gear rims, segments are also available.

Hirth gearing

  • Milled and hardened version
  • 45° and 60° spur gearing
  • Zero-clearance, self-centring, front-mounted gearing for rigid and centrical connection of shafts, discs and wheels